i just want to know if you guys have ever considered Courf/Prouvaire? I mean I get a sense with the valentines day maybe, but idk?? Maybe that's just my fangirl heart getting ahead of itself, but I'd really like to know if I was just getting the wrong ideas or not. By the way I wish you both luck in your shows!


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Was the Valentine's Day thing with Éponine being mad ever explained? Absolutely loving this blog!!


not necessarily OVERTLY but all the necessary stuff to understand is absolutely there.

i keep getting messages about this, but yeah, guys, it’s totally all there if you look for it. :]

- E

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You guys are perfection and I hope both shows do well!!!

thank you so much! what a sweet message aw. :D

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who do you play in south pacific and les mis? c:

both of us are rocking the ensemble! lauren plays one of the nurses in SP and i play about six different poor people/whores in LM. :]

- E

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((Mod what is the most heartbreaking song for you in Les Mis?))




(no really, there have been times where i’ve pretty much cried through the whole show BUT IF I HAD TO ANSWER: at this moment, i would say on my own, turning, empty chairs at empty tables, and the epilogue)

(those are the songs that are making me cry in rehearsals anyway)

(if you forced me to pick just one i’d probably say the epilogue but don’t force me to do that pls omg)

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I love your blog, I think it's absolutely amazing and hilarious and brilliant and wonderful <3 I know that you said that updates are a bit difficult at the moment and I don't want to offend you or annoy you or anything but I was just wondering if you had any ideas when your next one would be because this is amazing and I really miss it :( thank you!


all right, friends, this is a VERY FAIR question and I want to try to give you an explanation, so let me see if I can:

lauren is still on hiatus. she’s in a production of South Pacific in her area and the new semester is going to start soon AND she’s about to move house, so she’s pretty slammed for the time being.

I (emily) would really like to not be on hiatus. I’m currently in a production of Les Mis in my area and it’s taking up pretty much ALL of my time, plus I’m not actually technically IN my area and I’ve been frantically searching for a place while staying with various cast members, and if any of you have ever done that before, I’m sure you know how harried that tends to be.

for some time now, I’ve been thinking I probably should put TFC on hiatus, but I don’t really want to. we’re about to launch a new plot line and I’d love to be able to jump into that, but as you can see, neither of us have a lot of time or energy to commit to it.

so it’s still sort of up in the air, and I do apologize for that. I’m really hoping to be able to get back into the swing of things soon, and I thank you all so much for your patience. <3

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does Courf's phone auto-misspell Pontmercy's name now, since he seems to keyslam it more than actual spell it out properly?

no, courf’s phone has no idea what to do with marius’ name because courf spells it differently everytime

he literally keysmashes it

- E

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cries about it

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you’re still bitter about smash, aren’t you?

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what do you — oh.

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